Various projects

liberate is a simple little command line program to help wrangle large text files on a windows system.

webb0x is a free, opensource and legal way to test your web hacking skills. It's been said that potential mates really dig things like that.

    Note: this is still very much a work in progress, docs will be coming soon. In the meantime feel free to check it out.

SecHub a place where information security news gathers.

Documentation Stuff

An incomplete list of the various headless web browsers

A static web server written in Java (docs)

First steps with a new ubuntu server

Exploit exercises nebula hints

Find out how to move the gnome title bar buttons to the left


bedrock is a bare bones responsive HTML5 CSS3 boilerplate for web designers. Check out the demo.

bootstrap dark a dark version of bootstrap v3.

style.it.js a fun little project that puts CSS in your cookies!

quaking text - make text quake on hover with CSS3

A progress bar that can be used at the top of forms to indicate work being done.

Other stuff

recipes that I thought were pretty okay.