It's a simple little command line program to help wrangle large text files on a windows system.

This is especially true if you're running on a machine that doesn't get the latest updates for one reason or another.

The download is below, it's a work in progress so there's no installer or anything like that. Just unzip it and start using liberate.exe from the command line (cmd or powershell).

To get a feel for what it does run liberate.exe -h to see the help menu.

Download the zip

Currently it supports these arguments
    -n: set a specific line number to view.


        liberate.exe -n 10 

        -- this will display line 10 of the file.

    * or specify a range of lines.

        liberate.exe -n 10,20 

        -- this will display lines 10 through 20 of the file.

    -p: adds an extra 'newline' between lines.

    -tail: tails a file from the very end. This is a very rough 
           implementation, use at your own peril.

Created by 0x6f0